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Choosing Better Medical Care

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Choosing Better Medical Care

Four Conditions That Require A Pediatric Urgent Care Visit

Chris Burke

Many childhood ailments are simply brief illnesses that are essentially nothing more than a rite of passage. Virtually every child gets a diaper rash, cold, tummy ache, ear ache, and diarrhea. These are all just a part of childhood. But some conditions are potentially far more serious and require the child be seen by a pediatric urgent care physician. Here is what you need to know.


Appendicitis is a potentially life-threatening condition. The child will have more than just a mild tummy ache, they will have severe abdominal pain. It may be centered around the bellybutton, migrating to the lower right quadrant of the abdomen. Vomiting, nausea, and a loss of appetite are other symptoms. A fever, diarrhea with mucous, and a distended or bloated abdomen is also common. Appendicitis is treated first with antibiotics to remove any infection. It will then be surgically removed. If the appendix is found to have burst, emergency surgery will be performed immediately, and antibiotics will be given intravenously.


Asthma is a common respiratory condition in both children and adults. Even infants can suffer from asthma. Asthma may be mild and easily controlled in some people, but in others, the symptoms can be severe, with frequent flare-ups. Many times, the flare-ups occur more often at night. Uncontrolled asthma requires urgent attention, and hospitalization is a possibility until it is under control so life support measures are available should they be needed.


No matter how well supervised toddlers and small children are, they can still get into stuff in the blink of an eye. If you suspect your child has gotten into something that may be poisonous, time is of the essence. An urgent care center is equipped to assess the situation and provide the right care, whether that be performing a gastric lavage, commonly referred to as getting the stomach pumped, administering activated charcoal, or providing other antidotes.

Digestive Issues

While most digestive issues are minor and clear up on their own, some recurring issues may be more serious. For example, vomiting and diarrhea are common symptoms of the flu. But if vomiting and diarrhea are severe and don't show any signs of slowing, the child should be seen. Because of their small size, it doesn't take long for them to become severely dehydrated, which can lead to the kidneys shutting down if left unchecked. A trip to an urgent care center can assess and care for these issues.