Choosing Better Medical Care
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Choosing Better Medical Care

Do you remember the last time you received truly excellent medical care? Although it isn't always a common thing to find, you can have better luck by doing what you can to research different doctors and medical clinics. I wanted to share this website with the world, since this is what I have been doing for years. It has been a really excellent journey to find different ways to keep great care of myself, and I know that it is all due to the help of my great doctor. Read more about self care on this blog, so that you don't have to settle for anything less than the best.


Choosing Better Medical Care

  • Top Reasons To Visit A Primary Care Physician

    4 December 2019

    Taking care of your health will allow you to feel your best. This means visiting your local primary care physician when this is necessary. There are many things this provider can do for you in order to have better health. Knowing some of the many reasons to see this professional may entice you to do so. 1. Establish a relationship When you go to the same provider over and over, this person will know a lot about you.

  • Common Health Conditions Associated With College Students

    2 October 2019

    Going away to college for the first time can leave you with a lot of questions. If you are living on your own for the first time, you may find it difficult to determine if you should go to the clinic or not. These are some common illnesses college students tend to contract. Meningitis Meningitis is a serious health condition that causes membranes of the brain and spinal cord to swell because of a viral or bacterial infection.

  • Common Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

    7 September 2019

    Erectile dysfunction, or ED,  is a common health condition that affects millions of men. While it can be associated with advancing age or psychological problems, there are other factors that may contribute to it. Here are some common causes of erectile dysfunction and what you can do about them. Cardiovascular Medications Many prescription medications can cause erectile dysfunction, however, medications used in the treatment of heart disease and high blood pressure are most often implicated.

  • Surgical vs. Non-Surgical Treatment for Cataracts

    27 June 2019

    If you have cataracts, or an opacity of the natural lens of your eye, then you may have blurred or dim central vision and diminished peripheral or side vision. Cataracts may also make colors look dull and less vibrant. There are a number of different treatment options to consider to help improve your vision if you have cataracts. The type of vision treatment your eye doctor recommends will be based on the extent of your cataracts, your personal preference, and if your cataract is in one eye or both of your eyes.

  • Chronic Pain: Common Types And Treatments

    24 May 2019

    Chronic pain is generally defined as any pain that lasts for more than 12 consecutive. For people who experience this type of pain, it can be extremely frustrating. There are many different types of chronic pain, but there are four types what are the most prevalent in American citizens. Chronic pain treatment is available. Talk to your doctor for referrals to the pain management services nearest you. Back Pain Chronic back pain can come from a number of different sources including but not limited to: slipped discs, herniated discs, vertebral anomalies, or back injuries.