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Choosing Better Medical Care

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Choosing Better Medical Care

Post-Delivery Diets: Ensuring You Get The Right Foods After The Big Day

Chris Burke

When people hear about what they should eat after delivering, they think of the nutrients they need and the specific foods they should eat at each meal. However, what many don't realize, particularly those who are having their first child, is that time will be at a premium after delivery. It's common to find people who have the best intentions and who are planning to make healthy meals out of natural, whole foods every day. But as those who have already had a child will tell you, those plans will quickly be replaced by exhaustion and what seems like no time to cook. Here's how to ensure that you get those healthy meals you're supposed to have:

Stock up on Frozen Vegetables and Fruits

Ensuring you have plenty of frozen vegetables and fruits might sound obvious to many. But if you've been trying to cook everything from scratch or use only fresh food, the thought of relying on frozen foods may make you feel like you should be buying TV dinners. That's not the case with frozen vegetables and fruit, though. They're frozen quickly soon after they've been picked, so as long as you can package them up well and use them soon (to avoid freezer burn), they will be fine to use instead of fresh vegetables.

The advantage to having these is that you can always have vegetables and fruits like berries without having to worry about them going bad. Even freezer burn doesn't make them unsafe to eat; it just makes them look older. If life gets really busy, throw some frozen vegetables in a pan with chicken and make a stir-fry. It's better than resorting to eating nothing but chips because that's all you have time to prepare.

Sign up for Food Delivery Services

Take advantage of food delivery services, both the type that deliver meal kits and the type that delivers groceries you've ordered online. If you don't want to be at home all the time, you can still go to a number of stores' websites and order groceries, and then pick them up at the store, already packaged up. These services will save you a lot of time and let you choose healthy foods when you can, rather than having you rush through the store with a wailing child.

Start a Freezer Meal Club

If you know a number of families that are all short on time, see if you can arrange a time to meet a couple of days a month and form a freezer meal club. Basically, this is a mass cooking session where you all help each other make a lot of portioned meals; you then divide up the portions, and each person takes several of them home. These portions serve as quick meals for the next couple of weeks or so.

With these clubs, you get social benefits -- hanging out with people other than your child -- and no child is left unattended because you're all taking turns watching them.

You might want to ask your obstetrician for a referral to a registered dietitian. The two of you can work up a list of convenience-food tactics that ensure you get the nutrition you need once you've delivered.