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Choosing Better Medical Care

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Choosing Better Medical Care

Substance-Related Products That You Shouldn't Mistakenly Pack For Rehab

Chris Burke

When you admit that your drug problem is out of control and you need help, you'll ideally be making plans to visit a drug treatment program. Your involvement in such a program can allow you to completely turn your life around and leave your drug-filled past behind you. As you get ready to relocate to the treatment center, you'll want to be careful about the items that you pack. Of course, drugs are completely forbidden, so don't bother trying to sneak them into your suitcase. (Staff will carefully go through your possessions when you arrive, anyway.) It can be easy to make the mistake of packing things that relate to substance abuse in some manner. In particular, seek to avoid these things.

Inappropriate Music/Movies/TV Shows

Treatment centers generally allow you to take some music to listen to, and may also permit you to watch movies or TV shows on your laptop computer or a portable DVD player. As you're selecting the things that will keep you company, be mindful of including media that discuss drug use. Lots of music, for example, makes reference to drugs — rapper Dr. Dre's notable album "The Chronic," for example, might get you thinking about marijuana and tempted to use. Similarly, movies such as Trainspotting (heroin addiction) and TV shows such as Breaking Bad (methamphetamine sales and use) can all get your mind thinking about drugs.

Inappropriate Clothing

While you probably won't pack any clothing that specifically references drug use — for example, a shirt with a joke about being high — you might inadvertently pack something that refers to alcohol. For example, you might throw in a shirt that you got from your favorite bar. Doing so might seem innocent enough, but it's likely an item that the treatment center staff will confiscate, and with good reason. If you were to wear the shirt, it may get people thinking about drinking, and this can be trouble.


As you go through the toiletries that you expect to need while you're in treatment, you might automatically toss a travel-sized bottle of mouthwash into your suitcase. On the surface, this might seem innocuous, but mouthwash is commonly banned at treatment facilities because many such products contain alcohol. If you do wish to take mouthwash, look for a product that is alcohol-free, and make sure to clear this product with the treatment center in advance to avoid any issues upon your arrival.

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