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Choosing Better Medical Care

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Choosing Better Medical Care

How Do You Get Through Stomach Pain?

Chris Burke

If your stomach hurts every time you eat or drink something, you may think you have an ulcer or virus. Stomach pain can indicate a number of things, including ulcers, constipation, and food poisoning. Stress and overeating are two other possible causes of stomach pain. You can find out why your stomach hurts with the tips below.

Why Does Your Stomach Hurt?

Your stomach is one of the most important organs of your digestive system. Most of your food breaks down inside your stomach before passing through to your small and large intestines. But some things can cause the stomach's muscle tissue to contract with pain when you eat or drink, including stress.

Stress can wreak havoc on your digestive system. When you experience stress, your body's nervous system releases different hormones into your bloodstream. The nervous system also decreases blood circulation to the muscles in your body, including your stomach muscle. Without sufficient blood flow, the muscles in your stomach cramp or contract.

Another possible reason for your severe stomach pain is muscle strain. Your stomach muscles expand to accommodate the fluids and food you consume. Overeating or drinking can strain or stretch your stomach muscles too much. Over time, the pain in your stomach worsens, thus leading to stomach pain.

The things listed above are just a few possible reasons for your stomach pain. You'll need to see a specialist to find the real reason for your pain, especially if it ensues longer than normal.

How Do You Diagnose Your Stomach Pain?

Resources such as EVDI Medical Imaging can locate the source of your pain with abdominal ultrasounds. Specialists use ultrasounds to look deep within your body cavities, tissues, and organs. If you have a problem inside your stomach, an ultrasound can help detect it.

Depending on the specialist you see, you may need to skip breakfast or lunch before your test. The ultrasound equipment will need to see and pick up every detail inside your stomach, including signs of bleeding and infection. If a doctor detects these problems with the equipment, they can go ahead and prescribe treatment for it.

Sometimes, specialists need to perform multiple ultrasounds on their patients. This may occur if your initial ultrasound detects an unknown growth inside the stomach, or if the test reveal issues with your intestines. If you do require additional ultrasound testing, a doctor will inform you right away.

Don't allow your stomach pain to keep your life down. For more information and possible testing, contact an ultrasound technician or doctor today.