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Choosing Better Medical Care

How To Treat Kawasaki Disease In Children

Chris Burke

Kawasaki disease is a condition that you want to catch early. It is an illness that affects your lymph nodes, mouth and skin. This disease usually affects children under the age of five and of Asian descent. However, it can affect children of all ethnic groups.

When Kawasaki disease is caught early, you can fully recover from the illness within a few days. If left untreated, it can cause to serious complications to your heart. Read on to find out how to treat Kawasaki disease in children.

Get The Symptoms Under Control

A fever is a common symptom of this disease. Kawasaki disease comes in phases and a fever is the first phase. Your doctor will try to get the fever under control by prescribing high doses of aspirins and immune globulin. Immune globulin is a substance made from human blood plasma that is injected into the vein. It fights off bacteria and viruses.

After the fever goes down, your doctor will prescribe low doses of aspirin. The low doses stop blood clots from forming in your inflamed small arteries.

Stop The Peeling

The second phase of the disease involves the skin peeling on your feet and hands in large pieces. Your childrens cardiologist will continue to give your child aspirins and immune globulin. He or she wants to get the inflammation and fever under control. If your child's skin starts peeling, then you should notify your doctor immediately. Other symptoms may include abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea and joint pain.

Prevent The Disease From Spreading

Treatment is focused on reducing inflammation because your doctor wants to prevent complications. This leads to inflammation forming in the walls of the arteries throughout your body. The inflammation tends to extend to the coronary arteries, which is where blood is supplied to the muscle of the heart.

At this stage, your child can develop heart problems. He or she will need to definitely get monitored by a cardiologist to check for symptoms. Untreated cases lead to inflammation of the blood vessels and vasculitis. If Kawasaki disease spreads to your child's coronary arteries, then he or she will need ongoing care.

After being diagnosed with Kawasaki disease, you are at risk for early heart disease. Your child has to follow a heart healthy lifestyle for life. This lifestyle consists of eating healthy, not smoking and getting regular exercise. Your child should see a cardiologist throughout adolescence and possibly throughout adulthood. For more information, contact establishments like Alpert Zales & Castro Pediatric Cardiology.