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Choosing Better Medical Care

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Choosing Better Medical Care

Why Adult Stem Cell Therapy Isn't Controversial

Chris Burke

Most people do not realize that stem cells exist beyond the embryonic stage. Children and adults have stem cells, too. When doctors talk about stem cell therapy, you should not shut off your hearing, but take a second to listen. What they are talking about does not have anything to do with embryonic stem cells, but with adult stem cells. Here is why adult stem cells and adult stem cell therapy is not controversial, while embryonic stem cell therapy is.

Adult Stem Cells Are Harvested with the Permission of the Patient

Adult stem cells, also known as somatic stem cells, are harvested from a patient with the patient's permission. Many of these stem cells can also be manipulated to become patient tissues, but the tissues will only become what they are already "coded" to become. The tissues will only suit the patient from which they are harvested. This makes them uncontroversial because the patient acknowledges what the harvested cells will do, requests that the process is done, and gave permission for the process in the first place. Embryos cannot give permission, nor will the harvested cells from embryos be used to help them. 

The Patient Is Not Laboratory Material Nor Is the Patient Disposed of Afterward

One of the biggest issues some people take with embryonic stem cells is that the embryos are cast-offs from abortions, or that they are lab-grown embryos. The stem cells are harvested from the embryonic tissues, and then the embryos are just lab material or they are medical waste. That makes a lot of people uncomfortable.

The biggest differences with adult/somatic stem cells are that the patients are not laboratory material, nor are the patients medical waste when the harvesting process is complete. The lab does not grow an entire adult clone for the purpose of harvesting cells or organs. The cells are taken, the patient continues on, and the replacement tissues for diseased organs are grown in the lab until they are ready to be placed in the patient from whom the cells were taken.

Government Approved

The U.S. government already approves the use of adult/somatic stem cells. They find the process safe, and lacking in the ethical questions that make embryonic stem cell research controversial. If you are currently suffering from a disease that could kill you, and your own stem cells could grow a new organ, would you not want to try it?

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