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Choosing Better Medical Care

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Choosing Better Medical Care

Three Steps To Selecting A Pediatrician For Your Preemie

Chris Burke

Having a premature child can make a nervous new parent even more concerned. When things are touch and go, your child may have to spend some time in the intensive care unit. A premature baby being released to go home is a major relief for most first-time parents. If you and your child have been released to go home to begin a life together, your hospital journey is actually just beginning. You will now need to select a pediatrician for your new baby. Here are some considerations to make when selecting a pediatrician for your preemie. 

Are they in a state-of-the-art facility?

If your preemie baby has some medical issues or needs to be closely monitored to watch their growth, it will make you feel better to have a pediatrician who is always prepared for a major circumstance. A state-of-the-art hospital facility is a place where your infant can be checked in for overnight monitoring, prepared for surgery, and assisted if there is any medical issue that has a pressing need. Find a pediatrician who is inside of a state-of-the-art medical facility to help care for your child's first years. 

Do they have space in their practice?

Many people may forget to take into account how busy a pediatric office is before selecting a service. It is important to be upfront and ask potential pediatricians how far out their appointments are booked. Ask the front desk staff how long it typically takes to get an appointment. If appointments are readily available and time-sensitive inquiries can be seen to quickly, this type of pediatric service can be the best for preemies and their parents. Make sure that your child's doctor will have the proper space to keep up with their growth. 

Does the doctor have emergency room privileges?

Knowing what kind of procedures the pediatrician and their colleagues can perform at the facility will go a long way in easing your mind. Find out if the pediatrician that you choose has emergency room privileges in hospitals that are near you or near their practice. This means that if your child has an emergency and may need surgery or life saving treatment, your pediatrician will be able to go to the emergency room and attend to your needs. A doctor that has ER abilities can perform a number of operations and keep up with your child's serious care needs. 

Visit several pediatric offices, like Willow Oak Pediatrics, and keep the tips above in mind. You'll soon find the perfect pediatrician to meet your needs.