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Choosing Better Medical Care

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Choosing Better Medical Care

3 Reasons To Correct A Cleft Lip At A Young Age

Chris Burke

Some fetuses fail to develop properly while in the womb. When the tissue of the upper lip fails to fuse together during pregnancy, a gap between the two side of the upper lip forms. This condition is known as a cleft lip. A cleft lip can be corrected with plastic surgery, but determining when a child should undergo corrective surgery can be challenging for some parents.

While it is frightening for a parent to consider surgery for their new child, correcting a cleft lip at a young age is essential. Here are three reasons why you should have your child's cleft lip operated on at a young age.

1. Correction at a young age prevents further damage.

By making the choice to have your child undergo surgery to correct a cleft lip while he or she is still very young, you can actually reduce the amount of damage the surgeon must correct.

A young child's cleft lip will not have had time to abnormally affect the development of tissue surrounding the affected area. Early surgical correction ensures minimal damage and gives your child the best opportunity to develop as naturally as possible.

2. Correction at a young age ensures a quick recovery.

It is incredible to see how resilient young children can be. Although the thought of a surgical procedure for your young child can be scary, young children often recover more quickly from surgery than adults do.

If you opt for a corrective surgery at a young age, your child will also be less likely to have any memories of the procedure as he or she grows older.

3. Correction at a young age ensures proper language development.

The lips play an important role in the development of a child's language skills. A cleft lip can interfere with your child's ability to produce clear and concise sounds, compromising his or her ability to communicate.

By making the choice to have a cleft lip corrected through surgery at a young age, you will give your child the opportunity to develop proper language skills as he or she grows and develops.

Determining when to have your child's cleft lip corrected is a difficult decision. Recognizing that surgery at a young age will help prevent further damage, encourage a quick recovery, and ensure the proper development of vital language skills will help you weigh the benefits of a corrective surgery against the risks of putting your young child through a surgical cleft lip correction.