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Choosing Better Medical Care

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Choosing Better Medical Care

Reasons Why It Is So Important To Get A Second Opinion On Prostate Cancer

Chris Burke

Prostate cancer is not a diagnosis most men want to hear. While it is true that it is a less worrisome diagnosis than something like testicular or colon cancer, you still do not want to hear the word "cancer" attached to any body part. Death from prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in men, but it does not have to be. The extremely slow growth rate of prostate cancer gives you more than ample time to find it and treat it. 

However, before you accept the diagnosis, you want to be sure you really have prostate cancer. Second opinions are really important. Here are some reasons why.

If You Do Not Have to Go Through Surgery, Why Would You?

Your prostate is not like your appendix; you need your prostate. All the same, most doctors will not perform unnecessary surgery to remove your appendix just because it is there. The same holds true for your prostate. If your prostate does not have cancer, why have surgery to remove it? You would not. A prostate cancer second opinion ensures that you do not have to endure surgery on this sensitive area of your anatomy if you do not need it.

Chemo and Radiation Kill Sperm Counts

If you are still young and planning to have a few kids, chemotherapy and radiation will kill that chance. Most of the time, doctors can remove the prostate, but sometimes chemo and/or radiation may still be necessary. Going through these treatments can render you infertile, possibly unnecessarily if you do not have prostate cancer. A second opinion will let you know for sure if there are kids in your future or not.

Ejaculatory Fluids Are Not as Easy to Produce Without Your Prostate

You can produce sperm indefinitely if only your prostate is removed and you do not go through chemo and radiation. However, ejaculation is much more difficult. That is due to the fact that a large portion of the ejaculatory fluids come from the prostate. The prostate produces the mucous-y liquid that helps sperm get into the vagina and past the cervix. It also makes the ejaculation a smoother, wetter process.

Without the prostate, and without the extra fluids, sperm do not have much of a chance. It may also be a lot more difficult to ejaculate, causing you a lot of sexual frustration. Save your prostate and your sex life by getting a second opinion.