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Choosing Better Medical Care

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Choosing Better Medical Care

MCAT: A Closer Look For Prospective Medical Students

Chris Burke

If you are thinking about a career in medicine, even if it is veterinarian medicine, the MCAT will be one of the tests you have to complete before you can be accepted into a medical school training program. MCAT (The Medical College Admission Test) is a test that has been used for decades to determine if a student has what it takes to get into the field of medicine. As a student, getting familiar with the MCAT is one of the things you will need to do well in advance if you know you want to enter medical school at some point. 

What kind of test is the MCAT?

The MCAT test is a multiple-choice exam that covers several different subjects meant to test you on skills that are relevant to the medical industry. Some of the things you will be tested on during the MCAT include the following:

  • Critical-thinking skills
  • Natural science knowledge and skills
  • Problem-solving skills

In addition to these testing areas, it is helpful if you have already taken courses in things like biology, chemistry, and physiology in college, as these knowledge areas can come up in the testing process. Some schools do actually require certain prerequisite classes before you can take the exam. 

How long does the MCAT take?

The MCAT test is usually taken all in one day's time, but can be broken down into sections with breaks in between. In most cases, students who are taking the MCAT will be given the opportunity to take a break or simply move on to the next test section. Therefore, the time it takes to complete the exam can vary from person to person and where you are taking the exam. In general, you should set aside a full day for the testing process. 

What is the best way to study for the MCAT exam?

The MCAT is considered one of the more lengthy and trying tests given in an educational setting. Therefore, you will have to spend a good amount of time studying before the exam. Most students do enroll in some form of formal MCAT preparation course to give themselves a more defined and routine study plan before the exam, so they can have all the subject areas covered. There is so much information covered that it can be much easier to study and prepare with professional guidance from people who know the exam well.