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Choosing Better Medical Care

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Choosing Better Medical Care

The Types Of Braces Used To Treat Scoliosis

Chris Burke

Treatment is not always needed when a child has scoliosis since many cases are mild. Your child's doctor will take several factors into consideration when determining whether to provide treatment. The location of the curvature of the spine and the degree of the curvature are two main considerations. Braces are often the treatment of choice for kids with mild to moderate cases of scoliosis. Advanced cases may need surgery, but braces can often prevent surgery by slowing down the progression of the curvature until the bones stop developing. Here are the types of braces your child's doctor could recommend.

Soft Or Hard Braces

Scoliosis braces have typically been hard braces. Because hard braces are not very comfortable and they can be noticeable, soft braces are sometimes used in order to increase compliance with wearing the brace. Soft braces aren't yet used routinely, and they may not be as effective, so if your child needs a brace it will probably be one made of plastic or some other rigid material.

Custom Braces

Some braces can be provided off the shelf and adjusted to fit with straps. Many times, custom braces are made instead. These are made from a custom mold of your child's body so the brace can be made to fit the exact curvature of your child's spine. Since your child is constantly growing, the brace will need to be replaced about once a year or more often during a growth spurt.

Full-Time Or Night Braces

One problem with treating scoliosis with a brace is that your child may not comply with wearing it. During the teen years, your child may take it off when at school during the day so the brace doesn't draw attention. One way around this problem is to use a night brace that is only worn while sleeping. If your child has a large curvature, then a night brace might not be appropriate since better results might be obtained from wearing a brace all day and night.

Night braces work a little differently than braces that are worn during the day. Because your child is resting in bed, the brace can put stronger pressure on the spine in a way that can't be done when standing and walking during the day. Although the night brace applies stronger pressure, it does not interfere with sleep.

Even though it can be uncomfortable to wear a brace all day, the braces designed today are made to be as inconspicuous as possible. They can generally stay hidden under clothing, and although inconvenient to wear, if a brace can prevent the worsening of scoliosis, then it is well worth it. Contact a service, like C D Denison, for more help.