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Choosing Better Medical Care

Do you remember the last time you received truly excellent medical care? Although it isn't always a common thing to find, you can have better luck by doing what you can to research different doctors and medical clinics. I wanted to share this website with the world, since this is what I have been doing for years. It has been a really excellent journey to find different ways to keep great care of myself, and I know that it is all due to the help of my great doctor. Read more about self care on this blog, so that you don't have to settle for anything less than the best.


Choosing Better Medical Care

Learn To Exude Greater Confidence Through Controlling Body Language And Attitude

Chris Burke

Many people, when asked what would make their top three most dreaded things, will cite public speaking as highest on their list. Whether you are speaking to a class, a congregation or making a sales pitch for a client, confidence is an element that determines whether you win them over or not.

Body Language

Interestingly, learning to speak with greater confidence is not so much about the words you utter but your body language. Training courses for front office roles or sales executives for leading companies place a lot of emphasis on body language because they understand that it conveys confidence, or the lack of it, and this can be easily read by potential clients.

Your posture, your walk, and your mannerisms can tell a lot about your confidence level. If the tone of voice betrays lack of confidence you can be sure that the content of your message will be missed by your audience. To achieve the confidence to speak confidently during a presentation, on a date or in life's general situations you have to be confident in yourself. Here is how to build yourself up.

Drop Confidence Killing Habits

If you have nasty habits and vices that leave you feeling guilty and affect your mood negatively, drop them. Being proud of yourself and at peace with yourself when alone is a big part of being confident and relaxed when you are with others.


Including a bit of exercise in your daily routine like aerobics, yoga, strength training, jogging or any other exercise oriented activity will do wonders for your personal confidence. When you look good, you feel good.

Learning a new group sport like basketball or soccer or playing touch rugby can play a part in generally helping you become more sociable and slowly help you better deal with stage fright and jitters that would previously paralyze you.

Get Help Reducing Tension in Your Body

Bodily tension can convey awkwardness,stress, or lack of confidence. Physical therapists, for one, work on teaching you to hold your body differently to eliminate unnecessary tension. Regular massage has helped many people reduce their body tension, and this can be a critical component for body language. When you feel good and healthy, and you're not carrying unnecessary tension, you can start to exude more confidence.

Practice, Practice and Practice

Having courage is not the absence of fear, but overcoming the fear. By working on yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually, you will become more confident in your own skin and by extension that will reflect on the stage of a presentation or on a date. One of the best ways to work on yourself is to practice the speech, presentation or recital until it feels like second nature.

To be confident in dating, go out on more dates and aim to be a real and fun as possible. Enjoying oneself helps you forget the awkwardness of a moment giving you confidence.

If your body language is right and you have a thorough grasp on the material of your presentation, speaking with confidence will come together winning over the recipient of your words.

The best kind of confidence is the one that comes from deep inside you. And this can only be achieved by improving and working on the self. For more information, visit websites like