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Choosing Better Medical Care

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Choosing Better Medical Care

Retrofit Your Home With These Things To Prevent Increased Arthritis Pain

Chris Burke

If you have severe arthritis, even simple tasks such as getting around your house can prove to be difficult. Fortunately, it's possible to make a series of upgrades throughout your residence that can be beneficial for your health condition by making everyday tasks easier to perform. The result will be that you hopefully end up in less discomfort by the end of the day, which can go a long way toward improving your quality of life. Here are some things with which you can retrofit your house.

Elevated Toilet Seat

For those who have arthritis in their hips and knees, bending to sit down onto a toilet can be physically uncomfortable, and the process of standing back up after you've used the toilet can be difficult and painful. An elevated toilet seat is a worthwhile investment that won't break the bank. It's ideal because it sits several inches above the toilet seat, which means that you won't have to bend your hips and knees nearly as much, as you won't need to lower your torso as far. An elevated toilet seat is easier to get on and off for the average person with arthritis.

Stair Lift

Ascending and descending the stairs in your home can be one of the more challenging and painful tasks that you perform when you have bad arthritis. One of the issues about this task is that you may need to use the stairs multiple times a day. Even if your first couple trips aren't too painful, you'll often find that your discomfort increases throughout the day — which can mean that going upstairs before bed in the evening is very difficult. A stair lift, which features a secure seat in which you sit and a powered rail that moves the seat up and down the stairs with the push of a button, will make this common task more bearable.

Lift Chair

People who suffer from arthritis often find that it's difficult to get out of a seated position, especially if they're sunken into a soft couch or chair. Such individuals will thus sometimes sit on kitchen chairs, which may be easier to use, but they can be uncomfortable. Fortunately, you can remedy this challenge by investing in a lift chair. This is a comfortable chair that is powered, allowing you to tip it forward several degrees so that you can put your feet on the floor with ease and then move into an upright position.

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