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Choosing Better Medical Care

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Choosing Better Medical Care

Furniture Movers Should Pay Attention To Back Pain To Avoid Spinal Compression

Chris Burke

Every day, many furniture movers work lifting heavy objects and taking them to new locations. All of this heavy lifting puts a real strain on a person's body and may cause injuries that contribute to heavy back pain and other complications. As a result, furniture movers need to understand how to avoid this problem and ways to manage it.

Heavy Lifting Often Triggers Back Pain

Furniture lifters often spend eight or more hours every day lifting, which can put a severe strain on their backs. While movers are trained to avoid putting too much weight on their backs and how to lift properly, there is still a good chance that they could pull a muscle or trigger other problems that lead to back pain.

And that back pain should be taken seriously and not ignored as simply a side effect of the job. That's because sharp and severe back pain is often a symptom of a more serious problem, one that can degrade over time and create severe issues that make it difficult for a person to properly recover.

Problems That Trigger Back Pain

Back pain that occurs while lifting heavy objects, like furniture, is often triggered by a variety of issues, including:

The latter problem is the most serious issue because it can trigger more long-lasting concerns, such as paraplegia, if it is left to get worse. As a result, furniture movers need to get help right away, stopping work right away to avoid further worsening the problem.

Managing This Issue Properly

The moment a furniture mover feels excessive and sharp pain throughout their back, they should assess how severe it feels. If they find that it is too sharp for them to lift, they need to take a break or even go home for the day. Talking to the foreman about the issue should be all that is needed to ensure that a person gets to a doctor right away.

Once at the doctor, the furniture mover must describe what they were doing when the pain occurred and rate its severity. The pain specialist will likely do an x-ray to see if there is any spinal damage. If the spine is compressed or otherwise injured, pain management techniques and stretches may need to be utilized to prevent surgery.

So if you are a furniture mover going through a lot of serious back pain, you should talk to a professional, like those at Allegheny Brain And Spine Surgeons, right away to figure out if you are experiencing any severe issues. There is a good chance that you might just need specialized treatment to manage this problem.