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Choosing Better Medical Care

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Choosing Better Medical Care

Dealing With Urinary Incontinence: What Women Should Know

Chris Burke

When it comes to women's health issues, a lot of common struggles are left unaddressed and shadowed because women are embarrassed to discuss them or have fallen into some common misinformation and taken it for facts. One of the most common issues that many women struggle with, but don't address appropriately, is urinary incontinence. Here's a look at some of the things that you need to understand about urinary incontinence issues and your treatment options.

It Doesn't Depend On Age

One of the most common misconceptions about urinary incontinence is that it's a problem that's reserved for the elderly. While it's certainly a common problem amongst the elderly and does become more prevalent with age, it's not reserved solely for the older population. 

For many women, childbirth is a common trigger for incontinence issues. From pelvic floor strain to weight-related bladder issues and hormone changes from menopause, you'll find that women of all ages experience these problems.

It Is Often A Sign Of Other Issues

Some people mistakenly believe that incontinence is one of those things that you can't do anything about because it's a condition that just exists and you have to deal with it. The fact is that, in most situations, incontinence is a symptom of another problem, not a problem of its own. If you treat the cause, you can often relieve the incontinence.

It Isn't Solved By Withholding Drinks

If you've been struggling with incontinence, you may be worried that you are worsening the problem by drinking any liquids. You may even skip drinks because of it. This can lead to dehydration and concentrated urine, which can actually irritate your bladder. Make sure that you drink normally to ensure proper hydration, even with incontinence issues.

It Doesn't Always Require Surgery

Some women hesitate to address urinary incontinence because they worry about the surgery that they believe is required to address it. The truth is that some incontinence issues can be treated with medication, physical therapy, and other types of treatment instead of surgery. It all depends on the root cause of the problem. However, it's important that you talk with your doctor about it to ensure that you pursue the right treatment option.

Incontinence can be a disruptive and embarrassing problem to struggle with, but it doesn't have to be. When you understand some of the facts about urinary incontinence, you can feel more comfortable reaching out to your doctor for the necessary exam and treatment.