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Choosing Better Medical Care

What Is The Role Of Sleep Medicine In Treating Sleep Disturbances?

Chris Burke

What is the role of sleep medicine in treating sleep disturbances? 

Many people suffer from sleep disturbances and sleep disorders. These disturbed sleep patterns can hinder your daily working routines and even many aspects of life. For example, it can prove dangerous to public life and damage you economically. Sleep medicine is worth considering if you suffer from chronic sleep disorders or disturbances. You will be able to perform your responsibilities properly and enjoy your life to the fullest. Sleep medicine is considered the best option and a growing specialty in changing lifestyles and increasing urbanization. It is a subspecialty in the field of psychiatry. Sleep medicine is a method used to diagnose a certain sleep disorder and disturbance and provide treatment for that specific issue. Sleep medicine provides patients with effective and new solutions to their issues. It may include the use of drugs or the use of new devices in technology-based treatment. 


There are many ways of diagnosing sleep disorders. But the first and most important one is taking the patient's history. It is essential to diagnose and treat the patient properly. During taking the history, consider things like the occurrence of the same symptoms for different disorders, more than one disorder, their previous treatment, and try to distinguish between a normal and chronic type of disorder. 

Some other diagnostic methods include the Epworth sleepiness scale to know about sleepiness and linked with sleep apnea. A sleep diary, journal, or sleep log is used to measure the changes in the sleeping patterns by keeping in the patient's home for two weeks to note all the alertness. Another one is the actigraph unit used to confirm the sleep diaries. This device will help in noting the sleep-wake cycles of the patient.


After properly diagnosing the problem with its underlying cause, it comes to the step of treating it. The treatments are different according to the kind of issue. The behavioral procedures are firstly used to treat the issues because it is difficult to diagnose a sleep disorder. These behavioral procedures include the patient's education about sleep hygiene and cognitive behavioral therapy.


Sleep medicine with all these methods of treating the issues can help provide you with growing relaxation, boost your sleep, and explode the wrong myths about sleep. But to gain all these benefits, you have to visit a sleep clinic—like at Elkview General Hospital—and let a professional deal with your sleep-related problems efficiently and effectively. Seeing a professional sleep specialist can make your sleeping patterns proper and smooth.