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Choosing Better Medical Care

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Choosing Better Medical Care

Understanding The Need For The Strangulation Chart

Chris Burke

Intimate partner violence is a serious issue. Over 10 million people are physically abused by their partners each year. They are threatened, beaten, and strangled.

It's important to recognize the signs of strangulation. Some signs, like fingerprint bruises on a neck, are obvious. Unfortunately, other signs are easy to miss, even by experienced medical professionals. That's why the SANEs, sexual assault nurse examiners, and the Strangulation Chart are so important. Here's what you need to know.

What Is the Strangulation Chart?

Strangulation is a form of violence that can have serious and long-term physical and psychological effects on victims. However, experts report that "strangulation does not need to be prolonged or forceful to cause serious long-term damage." The Strangulation Chart is an evidence-based approach to determining the severity of a strangulation injury and providing appropriate medical care. Strangulation Chart SANE protocol is an important tool for nurses, law enforcement, and prosecutors to evaluate the severity of a strangulation injury.

How Is the Strangulation Chart Evidence-Based?

The chart is an evidence-based approach for evaluating suspected cases of strangulation injuries. It incorporates research from various sources on the physiological effects of strangulation so that SANEs can accurately assess the severity of a victim's injury and determine the best course of action for medical treatment.

The chart consists of five categories, including:

  • None. No injury.
  • Minor. This category includes mild or superficial injuries, like redness or mild bruising.
  • Moderate. Visible injuries, like petechiae (small, pinpoint bruises resembling a rash), bruising, and abrasions, all fall into the moderate category.
  • Major. Serious and potentially life-threatening injuries, such as facial swelling, difficulty breathing, or circulation problems, are considered major.
  • Fatal. Sadly, experts report that "women who have been choked by their partner [and survived] are seven times more likely to be killed" later.

Each category is assigned a numerical value based on how severe the injury is believed to be, helping SANEs quickly determine which type of care is needed for each individual case. In other words, the chart allows medical staff to identify signs of strangulation and provide appropriate care, even if the patient is unwilling or unable to discuss the extent of their injuries. It also allows medical professionals to note all the signs of strangulation for future legal proceedings.

How Can The Strangulation Chart SANE Protocol Help In Your Community?

The Strangulation SANE protocol provides hospital administrators with a way to ensure that victims of strangulation receive appropriate medical attention without delay or unnecessary tests or treatments. By incorporating this evidence-based approach into their protocols, hospitals can significantly improve their response time and accuracy when caring for patients who have been strangled or otherwise suffered traumatic injuries associated with these types of assaults.

Delayed treatment could result in long-term physical and psychological damage for victims. With the Strangulation Chart SANE protocol, you can help ensure that your team is offering the best medical care possible for victims of intimate partner violence.

Start using the Strangulation Chart SANE protocol today. Strangulation is a serious problem that requires urgent attention from healthcare providers to protect the vulnerable.

To learn more about strangulation SANE protocols, reach out to a service provider.