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Choosing Better Medical Care

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Choosing Better Medical Care

Prioritize Your Health With A Visit To The Male Urologist

Chris Burke

Are you a man who often puts your health on the back burner? If you're not taking care of yourself and visiting a physician regularly, you could be preventing yourself from receiving medical help when needed. A male urologist is a medical expert focusing solely on treating men for their reproductive system. The male urologist can identify, diagnose, and even help treat different reproductive-related issues that many men experience throughout their lives, sometimes at random, unexpected moments.

What Will the Male Urologist Do?

You can visit a male urologist to address any possible reproductive-related concerns you might have. You may feel comfortable opening up to a medical professional who regularly assists patients with these common issues while offering various treatment options.

Diagnose and Treat Infections

Like women, men can experience infections in the kidneys and urinary tract. When experiencing an infection, you may feel pain, have trouble urinating, or even spot blood in the urine, all of which are signs that you need to seek treatment from a specialist. During a visit with a male urologist, you can explain your symptoms. The urologist will examine you and likely collect a urine sample for testing before diagnosing you with anything and offering medication to treat it.

Check for Prostate Cancer

Undergoing a routine examination for prostate cancer is an effective way to prevent cancer from growing and spreading throughout the body. A male urologist typically checks for prostate cancer by performing different tests, including a rectal exam and blood test. Routine checks give you a better chance of catching this form of cancer in the earlier stages, which can improve your chances of survival.

Assist with Erectile Dysfunction

A male urologist can assist those with erectile dysfunction. If you're unable to perform in the bedroom and don't know why, it helps to undergo diagnostic testing before reviewing ways to treat this problem. While making lifestyle changes may help, sometimes, the best way to treat erectile dysfunction is through the use of prescription medications.

Discuss Issues with Incontinence 

If you're having trouble with incontinence, you must talk to a male urologist. There could be several underlying causes of such an issue, such as prostate cancer or neurological conditions. Finding out what is causing the incontinence is the key to getting the help you need so that this is no longer an issue.

Prioritize your health by seeing a male urologist for assistance with issues such as erectile dysfunction and infections. The urologist can conduct various tests, provide professional support, and make treatment recommendations to help you. 

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